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Construction Materials

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Construction Materials | Construction material Suppliers

KBIS covers large ranges of essential construction base materials in application fields of housing, automotive, tool steels & equipment for various usages. For these usages, we can also offer large rages of  material covering from carbon to carbon alloy materials in shapes of square, hexagonal bar, cold drawn & rectangular bars. 

Cold Drawn Steels

Various Shapes are available
Round, Hexagonal, Square Shapes are available.
Round Bars from 3 to 80mm
Hexagonal Bars from 12~60mm
Square Bars from 8~60mm

Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars

Round Bars : Grade S10C~S55C Round Bars OD25~106MM
Square Bars : Grade SCM, SUJ2 TH 32~62MM

Application Fields

Shaft for use in automobiles, mechanical products, office machine
(Printer, Multifunction copier, Cartridge) and materials for parts such as electronics products(LCD/LED, PEM nut, etc)

Basic Construction Materials

Angle, Channel, I-Beam,

Nail TypesSpecs

Wire Coil Pallet/ Farming Nails
Coil Roofing Nails
Wire Coil Sliding Nails
Hi-Load Coil Nails


A large formwork which is mainly used to build and dismantle the exterior wall formwork and the cage for the plastering and plastering work in the same cross-sectional structure of the upper and lower parts like high-rise apartments.


In ‘GANG-FORM’, it is the part excluding the exterior wall form part. Work scaffolding, safety guardrail, etc. necessary to safely perform work such as formwork installation / dismantling work, subsequent plastering, and dressing (outfitting).It is a part of ‘GANG-FORM

KBIS in Construction Biz Fields

  • necessary accessory supply, on-time delivery to the scene
  • It is produced on state-of-the-art lines and meets the highest quality requirements
  • Components used in construction meet high safety requirements
  • Products are safe and reliable, easy to process and significantly less weight
  • Provides individual solutions to customer requests: Customized tubes and sections
  • As a development and manufacturing partner, KBIS considers an important link in the process chain. We are careful about this responsibility and are passionate, trustworthy, and focused on the future when we work on customer orders.
  • Application to mold, steel frame, general construction industry, mechanical engineering, etc.
  • From architects to contractors to regulators to customers, people demand well-designed, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable buildings.
  • In land or sea, KBIS’ steel products will create value in various construction and construction fields